I am Balwinder Singh Sandhu from Shri Muktsar Sahib District of Punjab. I started natural farming in 2011 after getting fascinated with the work of Manmohan Singh, a progressive farmer. I visited his organic farm, and his determination and hard work towards natural farming practices inspired me a lot. Earlier, I used to grow Cotton, Mustard, Guar and Paddy crop. But since I started natural farming, I focus more on vegetables. I initiated with chilli crop in the beginning and to improve my previous farming mistakes, I visited Gujarat to buy the good variety of cotton seeds and there I discovered information about the farming of seedless cucumber, strawberry and melon

From last four years I am practicing pure natural farming in 2 acres and have reduced the use of insecticides and pesticides to minimal on rest of the land. Chilli is the main crop which gave me good returns around Rs. 500000 from 2 acres.

Roadside-on-farm-market was the best thing that helped me in selling my produce. Now I have also started chilli powder processing along with vegetable cultivation. Currently I am cultivating strawberry, cucumber, chili, tomato, pumpkin, capsicum, wheat, paddy, cotton and other seasonal vegetables. Profit is good and in future I am planning to expand natural farming practices in rest of the acres.

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Now farmers have to hold the weighing machine in their own hands to sell their produce to earn the profit. Because if they will continue their dependence on the middlemen or dealers for selling their harvest then they will not progress and will be cheated by the thugs again and again. Mediators take away all the profit that is farmer’s right.


Address: Sukhna Ablu, District- Shri Muktsar Sahib, Punjab.
Phone: +91 9814422971